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The chef

"Staying simple with nature"

Patrick Jeffroy manifested his taste for the diverse, even the extraordinary, early, introducing algae very early in these recipes, while he was in the kitchens of the Hotel de l'Europe in Morlaix, at the beginning of the It then escapes to Nice in those of Negresco for a week of master class personalized. Together with Jacques Maximin, the flamboyant and brilliant chef, Patrick Jeffroy goes on to top speed; his talent was finally recognized, that Michelin greets a star in 1984.

Then he left for Paris this time, at the Archestrale, in the brigade of Alain Senderens, before settling in 1988 in Plounérin in Côtes d'Armor. The success is immediate, followed by a good star (again that of Michelin).

At the end of the 90's, Patrick Jeffroy bought the Hotel de la Falaise in Carantec, a large 1930's house, superbly located above the Kelenn beach. The Hotel de Carantec opens its doors in the spring of 2000. The menus (Optimist, Caravelle, Cormoran or Corsair) bring their passengers to new and delicious sensations. The two stars arrive in 2002.




L'hôtel de Carantec
Restaurant Patrick Jeffroy

20 rue du Kelenn

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